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Oxygen Advantage Workshop

søn05sep9:00søn12:00Ny DatoOxygen Advantage WorkshopFlyttet til 20229:00 - 12:00(GMT+02:00) MYO Islands Brygge, Leifsgade 8, 2300 København S ArrangørKristoffer BjerkeBegivenhedKursus,Oxygen Advantage


Bliv undervist af gundlæggeren af Oxygen Advantage: Patrick McKeown!

3-hour Breathing Workshop Taught In Person by Patrick McKeown

What You Will Learn:
– Functional Breathing for Functional Movement
– Simulation of High Altitude Training
– Improve Your Aerobic Capacity
– Delay the Onset of Lactic Acid and Fatigue
– Significantly Reduce Exercise Induced Asthma
– Oxygen Advantage® Practical Breathing Workout
– Using SportsMask to Improve Performance
– Applying the Oxygen Advantage® on a Daily Basis

Suitable for adults of all ages, fitness levels, and health profiles.
Places are limited.