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Breathing Cure

fre10jun(jun 10)9:00lør11(jun 11)17:00Breathing Curem/ Patrick McKeown - forfatter og vejrtrækningsekspert9:00 - 17:00 (11)(GMT+02:00) Østerbro Stadion (Sparta), Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 11, 2100 København Ø ArrangørKristoffer BjerkeBegivenhedBreathing Cure,Kursus,Oxygen Advantage


Get the Oxygen Advantage as a Healthcare Professional

The Breathing Cure covers a wealth of research into breathing for health. It guides you through practical ways to apply the science. Patrick McKeown describes optimal breathing from three dimensions — breathing rate, light breathing exercises and deep breathing from the diaphragm. He explores the science of nasal breathing and explains the relationship between mouth breathing and chronic illness.

  • Get more oxygen to every cell in your body, moderate your blood pressure, reduce symptoms of sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, asthma, erectile dysfunction, lower back pain, PMS, menopause and epilepsy.
  • Science that links breathing and blood sugar control in diabetes. Discover the connection with insomnia, cardiovascular health, cognitive function and childhood development.
  • Find out how to manage and reduce the symptoms of many common, chronic illnesses, and significantly improve your quality of life.
  • 26 easy self-practice breathing exercises for adults, children and teens.
  • Understand breathing from three simple dimensions.
  • Discover comprehensive research and new scientific advances.

The Breathing Cure is Patrick McKeown’s most comprehensive work to date. Complete with simple, safe exercises to gently and dramatically improve your quality of life. Learn techniques tried and tested by Olympic athletes, elite military and of course a multitude of clients throughout the years. Clear your blocked nose. Stress and relax your nervous system. Improve lung function. Prepare for competition and more…

Note: Patrick McKeown is not suggesting functional breathing as a “cure all”. While it could be argued that research into breathing techniques is limited because there is little financial motivation for pharmaceutical companies to promote natural healthcare, Patrick recommends that you use breathing exercises alongside, not instead of, traditional treatments.

In addition to the two day training, you can participate in Patricks online Oxygen Advantage instructor training by zoom  to certify as an Oxygen Advantage instructor (exam and case studies included).



Tid: 09.00 – 17.00 (begge dage)

Pris: 5.595 DKK

Underviser: Patrick McKeown

Sprog: English

Inklusiv: frugt, kaffe og te i løbet af dagen, samt frokost.

ANDET: Kursusgebyret er ikke-refunderbart. Ved aflysning fra arrangørs side, refunderes selvfølgelig det fulde beløb.

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